Choosing By Prayer

It’s ok to develop broad expectations about your preferred choice of marital partner though you strongly lean on God to choose for you. In Genesis 24, Abraham had a definite idea of the kind of lady he wanted for Isaac with which Isaac was also evidently in agreement: the lady had to be a Jew like him and so from wayback, root source. For this reason, Eliezer traveled a great distance. And he being in the way (standing for Isaac), the Lord helped him. Even so you, beloved brother or sister in Christ, within your broad personal desires and guidelines, which necessarily aren’t contradictory to God’s will, God will choose for you the perfect partner if you will allow Him to. But how? This has always been a real challenge to many who have asked like I once did in my time: how do I know for sure who God has chosen? The answer lies in praying fervently in faith until he or she amongst many surfaces in a way even any doubts cannot withstand. It will always happen like that if you are faithful and patient enough.

After you have somewhat ‘stumbled upon’ him or her as the case may be as an outcome of your persistent waiting in this way, it has to be from God. God is ever in control and ever willing to prove Himself strong in the behalf of those who cast their burdens on Him and wholeheartedly wait on Him.

There is a Book in print as I write on this particular subject titled: Choosing The Partner To Marry: Prayer Guide. Excerpts shall be presented in the near future in another post. Be on the look out for that. Prayer purges. Prayer sifts. Prayer causes to remain the true substance. Prayer convinces your heart on the one left, the one offered and the one found! Just like Rebekah! Keep at it, with the right prayers what you find is the perfect gift of God. I intend to share the contents of that book soon: the winning, sifting prayers of intercession to engage. Till next time, remain blessed.




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